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Many travellers who prefer to go for a free-&-easy trip to Japan.  But the most of them just end up to visit popular places such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hokkaido or other major cities, which are all covered by travel agents.


We can make your free-&-easy trip more enjoyable with our recommendations

and suggestions, particularly in such "Hidden-Beauty" small towns or villages.

What are the specific "BENEFITS TO YOU" ?

1.  Our value-added recommendations on your free-&-easy trip. 

2.  Our recommendation on such non-commercialised or less-crowded destinations in Japan.


3.  Our recommended hotels, ryokans, restaurants, car-rental, taxi and others.


4.  Our recommended options for logistics and transportations within Japan.


5.  Our services to help you to communicate directly with Japan side in local language, if required.


6.  Our services to help you to make pre-bookings for hotels, taxi and others, if required.


7.  Our assistance to customise your holiday plan and itinerary.

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*7-Day Holidays in Spring 

Between March and April

tanoshimu japan
10-Day Holidays in Summer

Between July and August

tanoshimu japan
tanoshimu japan

Between Oct and Nov

7-Day Holidays in Autumn
10-Day Holidays in Winter

Between Dec and Feb

tanoshimu japan
tanoshimu japan
7-Day Customised Holidays in Japan

Either in Spring or Autumn

10-Day Customised Holidays in Japan

Autummn Season is the Best

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A plenty of great food attraction in Japan.  If you are a Japanese food lover, you must try out many nice foods,Sashimi, Sushi, Wagyu-Beef, Yakitori, Tempura, Hot-Pot, as well as Japanese Sake, Whisky & Wine.

Japanese Foods Lovers  

tanoshimu japan

Photo-Shooting Lovers

whether or not you are a semi-professional or an amateur cameraman/

woman, Japan has a lot of great photo-shooting spots regardless seasons, in spring, summer, autumn and winter.  

tanoshimu japan

If you are a cold-weather lover, you are recommended to go to and enjoy extra-ordinary atmospheres and experiences in snowing world in Hokkaido or other places in Japan. 

Cold Hokkaido Lovers